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  "When I worked at NAMSA, I found Loren to be much more than a designer — he was an ally. He invested a significant amount of time to learn our business, and I could see both his effort and skill in the designs he provided me. I could count on him to "go the extra mile" for me, and this encouraged me to call him with new business, time after time."

—Deborah Anne Gibbs
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
Beckman Coulter

To help in the employee communication process and to determine the image that best represents your company's culture, Employee Benefits Communication has developed an "Image Identifier." This comprehensive form asks a series of questions that helps provide the best employee communications solution. Fill out the form below and submit, or download your own PDF file. Click Here

Image Identifier

Review the following list and mark the words that best describe the image you want to project. Many of the adjectives are similar, however, they are meant to lead you to a more complete assessment of the image you want to project.

responsible innovative institutional practical structured dynamic technical
individualistic disciplinary tolerant frugal official organized assertive
polished friendly industrious creative independent informal exclusive
established aggressive rational efficient   secure classical inventive
contemporary unique conservative serious hi-tech personal logical
understanding traditional paternalistic ethical      

Image Connection
This exercise compares the image you are currently projecting to the image you want to project to your targeted audience.
Using the key words from the previous page, or others that you think are most appropriate, describe where you want to be.

How does your current image and the image you want to project match up? Good Bad

You can send the same message several different ways. The tone of the communication plays an important role in how your audience receives the message and signals.

This exercise will help us focus on the general tone that your communication should have. Below are paired lists of words with opposite meanings. From each pair, choose the word from Group 1 or Group 2 that most appropriately describes the tone you want for your communication project. If other words seem more appropriate, note them in the "Observations" section below.

Group 1 Group 2
high-quality cost-effective
progressive traditional
informal formal
low-key attention-getting
light serious
modern traditional
conservative liberal
unstructured institutional
detailed concise
dynamic static
entertaining straightforward
promotional informational

The look of your communications is key to the signals sent to your employees. Choose a graphic approach that will most appropriately communicate your culture.

Cartoon illustration
Technical illustration
Typographic treatment

Are certain colors or graphic design treatments required by organizational standards? Yes No
Is there a graphics standards manual to follow? Yes No

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Company Name
Email Address
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